Miss Wisenheimer and the Aliens

“religious fanatic accidentally helps SETI scientist in search for aliens”


One way or another… we’re going to find a way to finance the feature film.  Stay tuned…


If you like the trailer you might want to read the four-page synopsis of the full story of the movie.  It’s here.  Mind blowing.  Really.


Recently we got a good review from the Hot Wampa folks.  An edited version of the review is here.


Welcome to the trailer for Miss Wisenheimer and the Aliens, a forthcoming movie about humanity’s golden age in the universe, when energy is plentiful and space travel is as easy as opening a window, and no one has ever discovered an alien intelligence. This trailer is a device to help us raise the dosh for the full-length production.

Miss Wisenheimer and the Aliens will blow your mind.  It’s exciting and funny, but mostly it’s going to make you realize how amazing the universe is and inspire you to dream about what other gobsmacking things are out in the cosmos. And on top of all that, it’s about two really cool characters who obviously love each other but don’t know it. Oh, and the technobabble is beyond Star Trek TNG genius. This is great science fiction for people who want science in their sci-fi.
The images are striking, the writing is brilliant, the acting superb, the direction inspired, the music dynamic, and the ending supremely surprising. You will love this movie (when it’s finished)!

For the past two years we’ve been designing and building 3d models (space craft, planets, technological marvels, and movie characters), recording voice performances, and  motion capturing the performances. The trailer is a highlight reel of the movie and much of the work.  It will take another year and a half to complete the full-length film. I (Hal Dace, the director) have over thirty years experience in the film and television industry and making this film on a shoe-string meant inventing new workflows and solving different technical problems than those experienced by other movies in order to produce something that would impress audiences. We believe we have solved all the potential problems, but of course, we are humans (not aliens!) and it is always possible something might come up. Our biggest challenge is ensuring the mocap translation process is smooth, a process which requires the most labor. At the moment the characters’ motion is a little clunky at times. We’re confident that we’ve found ways to improve this.

Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments. Our production company is called Epistrophy Pictures. If you’re interested in being a part of this production you can request information by writing to info@epistrophypictures.com. You can also request a copy of the screenplay and budget.

I did most of the work on this film myself, but I also did get a lot of help from various lovely people. I wrote the original story but Lancer Kind co-wrote the screenplay with me. He deserves most of the credit for the brilliant script. I played Harold Babbage’s voice and all of the mocap performances. The other voices were performed by: Elena Kolkutova is Zipporah Weisenbaum, David Barnard is Rosh, LaToy Burrell is Deborah, Daniel Rocca, and Bob Fleener. Although I did most of the production work, my wife, Helena Liu, helped as a producer and technician, and Rob de Wit helped with modeling.

A huge contribution, of course, is the music by Jazz Passengers. I’m very much hoping they’ll be composing and performing the music for the feature, but the current soundtrack is taken from some of my favorite album tracks by them.
 Software & hardware used: LightWave 3D, Octane (4 Nvidia GPU’s), iPi Mocap Studio, Rhiggit!, Optitrack/Motive, Softimage Face Robot, Terragen, Final Cut Pro, and Audacity.