A Clockwork Mutant

Have you ever thought, “I don’t think it can be right that the engine of evolution relies on a random mutation”?  If you have, then you’ve come to the right place.

The 1971 winner of the Nobel Prize in science, Dr. Dennis Gabor said: “I just cannot believe that everything developed by random mutations…”  He’s just one of thousands of scientists who want a scientific alternative to the neo-Darwinist random mutation straightjacket.
If you play the guitar all your life, will your child be born with calluses on one’s fingertips?  Neo-Darwinists say no but Darwin himself said yes.  This is the third way of evolution.  It’s not Creationism and it’s not just randomly-mutating DNA.  There is memory stored somewhere that helps living beings define themselves that has not yet been fully discovered.
This film boasts surreal and beautiful animation along with some eclectic and very cool music to accompany narration about the science of life proposed by some of the best minds of the last couple of centuries.
Animated documentaries are rare and this feels more like a work of art.  Many of the scenes in the film last several minutes and take the style of the delicate movement to a new level.  It is presenting a hypothesis and isn’t dialectic.  It feels more like a train of thought than a polemic.
The visuals often appear to have nothing to do with the narration.  It’s telling the same story, just a different part of it.  If the narration tells half the story, and the visuals the other half, then you get the whole story.  But you have to be able to ingest the two parts simultaneously.  Most documentaries slavishly illustrate the narration.  Do you think you can take in two different parts at the same time and glue them together on the fly?


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